Privacy Policy

Last Update: April 2015


Security of Official Information
DP Workplace Solutions staff are to ensure that confidential and sensitive information in any form (e.g. documents, computer files, business knowledge including financial, business processes, client/injured worker information, etc) cannot be accessed or provided to any unauthorised persons or third party without consent from either the Executive Director or Business Manager. Sensitive material should be securely stored when unattended and any laptops secured and/or locked away when working at offsite locations or in public areas (e.g. airports, car parks, etc) and are not to be left unattended or in plain sight so that a third party can view the name or any details in relation to the client/injured worker file. Where a staff member is required to visit multiple clients/injured workers in one visit, only the relevant client/injured worker files are to be taken into the actual worksite for a meeting, etc. The remaining files are to be securely locked in a briefcase and locked securely in a case in the boot of a car (which is not in plain sight, eg back of a 4 x 4 wheel drive).

Security of Client/Injured Worker Information
DP Workplace Solutions staff who have not been granted permission can not disclose, release or grant access to any client/injured worker or potential client/injured worker information to any other person, third party or agency. The exception to this is when the client/injured worker or legally appointed guardian or person responsible consents in writing to the release of the information. Client/injured worker information will be shared between the client/injured worker and DP Workplace Solutions staff for the purposes of delivery of return to work rehabilitation services.

Before the release of any information in relation to a client/injured worker or potential client/injured worker, DP Workplace Solutions staff are required to ensure valid/substitute consent is gained from the client/injured worker, guardian or a person responsible for the client/injured worker before releasing any information externally to non DP Workplace Solutions. The staff member will also provide the client/injured worker whom the information is to be released about a clear understanding about what information will be released and for what purposes. Staff exposed to confidential data are authorised to use this data only in the manner required by the service being provided under the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act. The authority to gain personal, medical and other data is delegated to DP Workplace Solutions by ReturnToWorkSA, under the terms of the Rehabilitation and Compensation Act, and is a necessary part of establishing the holistic needs of an injured worker in the process of Rehabilitation back to productive work.

Limiting Access to Records
The following is to be adhered to when staff are accessing client/injured worker files

  • Always return client/injured worker files/records to their designated place.
  • Seek identification from personnel wishing to access medical records and confirm their right to access them.
  • Advise the relevant Manager if any client/injured worker wishes to view their medical record
  • Dispose of confidential waste paper in the appropriate bin or use a shredder to destroy the documents.

Protection of Anonymity

The following is to be adhered to protect the anonymity of client/injured workers:

  • Avoid identifying the client/injured worker by name in general discussions in outside the office premises of DP Workplace Solutions or in the main reception area of the office.
  • Avoid identifying the client/injured worker by name in discussions of diagnosis and care for teaching, research or quality activities.
  • Seek the client/injured workers consent for participation in any such programs.

Upholding Privacy

At all times, DP Workplace Solutions staff are to uphold and respect the privacy of client/injured workers and other staff. The following is to be adhered to:

  • Consultant is to seek the client/injured worker’s direction and provide clarification at the first contact in relation to the authority to exchange information as to who apart from the consultant and case manager will be told of their condition and in what detail.
  • Avoid divulging detailed information over the telephone and never to anonymous callers.
  • Maintain awareness of and uphold client/injured worker’s rights.

Release of Information

Information in relation to or about client/injured workers may not be released to external parties without a signed authority from the client/injured worker to exchange information and then only to the parties as stipulated on the Authority to Exchange Information.

Where client/injured worker information is required to be transferred to other consultant or medical services provider for the management of the same condition, photocopies of the relevant section of the record may be obtained and forwarded, and notation made in the original case notes which are to be retained on the business premises of DP Workplace Solutions.

In relation to the release of information in relation to DP Workplace Solutions business information, financial information, systems, processes, intellectual property, trademarks, trade secrets and staff must first seek the appropriate authorisation of either the Executive Director or Business Manager. Staff should be aware that there may be some instances when authorisation in writing is required and should seek advice from their direct Manager if unsure.

DP Workplace Solutions staff should be aware that DP Workplace Solutions are required to release information regarding employment of staffs to external bodies, (e.g. the Taxation Department) to comply with legislation. DP Workplace Solutions abides by the privacy act when retaining and collating information in relation to staff DP Workplace Solutions Privacy Statement.

DP Workplace Solutions staff are required to ensure that confidential information is only discussed with people who are authorised to have access to it. To deliberately release confidential documents or information to unauthorised persons is a serious offence. To ensure the security of information, staff are not permitted to discuss any confidential information in relation to a client/injured worker, potential client/injured worker or business activity (including financial) in any public areas (eg airport, train, car parks, restaurant, etc) with the client/injured worker, between other DP Workplace Solutions staff or a third party.